The Impact of WWI on the North Eastern Railway

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Illustrative talk by Rob Langham

WW1 railway


Sunday 5 August

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11.30am - 1pm

£6.50 per person, plus booking fee. 


During the First World War, the North Eastern Railway, which ran trains between the Humber and Tweed and across the Pennines, underwent huge change. A third of the workforce left to join the armed forces, with women entering the workforce in huge numbers to help make up the shortfall. The railway came under attack from the warships of the Imperial German Navy and also Zeppelins, threatening the North East and its railways from 1914 all the way through to 1918. 

This illustrated talk charts the course of the war as the North Eastern Railway saw it, from the locomotives that went to war, to an electric train that came under attack from a Zeppelin, including munitions manufacture and railway accidents through to the role played by allotments on railway land in the fight against the U-boats.

This event is part of the Inspired By Great Exhibition of the North programme.